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2021, realize your ambition
Strong rise and embrace the world.
Talent is the foundation of the future
There are challenging and influential work contents, complete vocational training and promotion system, and flexible internal job transfer mechanism, leading you to find more possibilities. The free and inclusive cultural atmosphere allows you to develop freely, and your voice will be carefully listened to. Here, you meet not only colleagues, but also partners who grow up side by side. Your efforts will be remembered, your efforts will be treated in good faith, comfortable office environment, highly competitive salary and incentive system, perfect and personalized employee benefits, just to return your hard work. We welcome excellent talents who are willing to drive the company forward with their professional skills and wholehearted investment. Impress us with your work experience and ability, then we will provide you with considerable career development prospects and opportunities.
Career opportunities
Join HCM and build the future together.
The human resource center of HCM: 180 3378 9067 (Manager Li)welcome every special you.
Rooted in mines. Serve the world.
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